Kristin Fintel on September 27th, 2010

 My mom has always been a good gardener.  Unfortunately, we moved around a bit, and half the time we actually live in military housing where her gardening was confined to inside plants.  After I left for college, however, they retired a spacious property in the northwest and when I visited them I was introduced to a new [...]

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Kristin Fintel on July 30th, 2010

  You know how you can live in an area for a long time and never get out do your own town?  I actually have done a lot of northwest Oregon, but there are some things still on the “to-see” list.  This summer I finally got out to check off two more of Portland’s landmarks.  Just [...]

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Kristin Fintel on July 16th, 2010

In a world full of so much stress, it’s not surprising that lavender is so popular.  There are lavender soaps, perfumes, dried wreaths and fresh bouquets.  At a restuarant in Portland last month, I had a lavender lemon drop, and lavender lemonade is a tasty treat in the heat of summer.  And of course, lavender has a starring [...]

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Kristin Fintel on June 19th, 2010

 I fell in love with my weed whacker again.  I first fell in love when we lived in the ‘burbs.  With my Black and Decker 9″ Cordless GrassHog Trimmer Edger, I ruled my garden.  I could get a nice neat line on my yard.  I could keep the grass away from my flowers.  I could [...]

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