COVID-19 Update

We know that there is concern about the novel corona virus and want to address the situation and how we are making changes to protect and serve our guests.

  1. There will be no penalties or charges for cancellations due to corona virus concerns. We are a small business highly impacted by the current situation and hope that you will stay with us as soon as this situation has passed.
  2. Oregon is closed for leisure travel. We will be open for Essential Workers, Health Care Professionals, First Responders who need to travel.  Otherwise, we suggest you take the CDC recommendation to stay home as much as possible.
  3. Finally, when you decide to stay with us, we want to assure you that we are doing all within our power to make our B&B a safe place for your getaway. We meet all the regulations set forth by the Oregon Health Authority on sanitation. Our kitchen is licensed with the high-temp dishwasher and other sanitary techniques. In addition, there is concentrated effort on frequent cleaning of “High Contact Points,” but we realize that within the B&B, “High Contact Points” aren’t just an occasional item, they are everything. We have gone room by room, cataloging everything a guest could touch and how we will be sanitizing each item or eliminating it from the room before the next guest, in the case of a bedroom, and throughout the day in the case of our common areas like the living and dining rooms. That means no more Q-tips in the bathroom, but we are sure it’s a price worth paying. It also means mini-cookie jars in the guest rooms rather than a communal cookie jar in the living room, so no giving up our homemade cookies. You can relax at our B&B, knowing that it is safe.

If you have questions or concerns we can address, please reach out to us.