It was five years ago when Curt and I found our house.  Well, “house” is a pretty lenient word for what was here.  We called it the “half-house” because the guy we bought it from had to abandon construction due to finances.  When started to work with our architect to redesign the interior to be our B&B, I was certain of one thing: we would do what we could to make the room on the main floor accessible to folks with mobility issues.  This week, after many guests have chosen the Oregon Coast Room specifically for that reason,

With wide doors into the room, bathroom and private deck, it's easy for our guests to get around the Oregon Coast Room.

I was given a high compliment.  Our guest, a stroke survivor, and her husband annointed our place as the best accessible B&B they had visited.  

We designed the features of the Oregon Coast Room with advice from my second cousin, who has lived most of her life in a wheelchair.  We have 36″ doors into the room, into the bathroom and onto the private deck.  There’s a remote control for the overhead light in case you get into bed, look up and then realize the light is on.  Of course, all the windows are nice a low so everyone can enjoy the view.
In the bathroom, a wheelchair can fit under the sink, while a barrier-free shower allows for safe showering for the elderly or for a wheelchair guest to transfer into our removable shower chair.  Lots of

The barrier-free shower with lots of grab bars and easy to reach controls makes this a great choice for our guests with mobility issues.

grab bars and the choice of using the shower head on the wall or in the hand are great for guests who want them, and out of the way for guests who don’t.  That grab bar by the toilet is on a hinge, so you could even install one into your own home for your own guests.

 In full disclosure, we were not able to meet all the standards of the ADA specifications and the TV room is downstairs, but from the smiles and hugs I get from our guests who are finally able to have an accessible B&B stay, I think we did ok.

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  1. Marc Z says:

    These are remarkable accommodations ; I like that you had the chance to design so that it is easily accessible for wheel chairs, this is a great thought that I’m sure some of your guests can truly appreciate. Large doorways and remote control lights are a great addition as well. Really thoughtful, cool.

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