The Holy Grail for a Pinot Noir lover is to find a fine bottle of the ruby red at a price point that allows one to break open a bottle for dinner even when it’s not a special occasion.  Oh sure.  It’s not hard to find a great bottle of Pinot in Oregon for $70.  But how about sub-$30?  My quest brought me to August Cellars

Located on the eastern edge of the Chehalem Mountains AVA, August Cellars is easy to get to as you are coming in or out of Portland.    August Cellars makes a variety of interesting wines under their own label including a large variety of whites and even non-Pinot Noir reds.  But what makes the tasting room special at August Cellars is that they often pour wines from the five other wineries who also make their wine at August Cellars facilities.  Currently Et Fille, Artisinal Wine Cellars, Crowley Wines, Laura Volkman Winery, and Toluca Lane share the August Cellar facilities. 

The winery and tasting room at August Cellars is nice, and what I really liked is that I didn’t feel like I was paying a premium for an expensive tasting room or for a winery whose reputation allows them to tack on an extra $20 premium to the price of a bottle.  For me, I am well content spending $30 for a bottle from a small up and coming winery that dotes over every bottle made.  The winery is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm and the $5 tasting fee is very reasonable.


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