I know it’s hard to imagine, but sometimes I get tired of cooking.  So for us, Panaderia y Taqueria Gonzalez is good easy food.  For our guests, it can serve as a break from the fancier, wine oriented restaurants in the area.

Gonzalez, located right on 99w and College is a wonderful Mexican restaurant and bakery.  You pick up your Mexican pastries from the case on the left, you Mexican Coke (made with pure cane sugar) or Jarritos soft drink and order at the counter.  The menu is posted on the wall, just pick your vehicle (enchiladas, taco, burrito…) and then pick your meat (grilled beef, chicken, spiced pork, beef tongue…).  Take your chips and salsa to your table and hang out until the tastiness comes to your table.

You should know, there are many choices for Mexican restaurants in Newberg.  There’s the one with bright colors on the walls and menu.  There’s the one with the giant margaritas (Curt can go on and on about the giant margarita).  There’s the one with the patio seating.  There are others, but Gonzalez is simple and good (ok, they also have a patio out back).  Here they use family recipes and it shows in all their dishes, especially in the beans and rice.  Yes, I judge a Mexican restaurant by the beans and rice; at Gonzalez, the beans and rice rock with great flavor.  I’m pretty sure someone’s grandma is back in the kitchen working hard so I don’t have to.

Gonzalez is open daily until 8pm each night 615 East 1st Street  in Newberg; you can also order take out at (503) 538-0306.

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