Full disclosure here: one reason I like Silver Falls State Park is because Curt took me here just as we started dating… I qualify it as a pre-date, his story is that it was a real date.  It’s best not to get us talking about it.  But the other reason I like it is that it’s just so darn beautiful and just over an hour drive from the B&B.

The North Falls cascades over a cavernous cutout of rock and the trail leads right behind it.

We headed back that way last month with the sun out and spring popping up all around.  We parked at the rather full North Falls trailhead and plotted our route for the afternoon.  Having gotten a late start, we decided to do a short loop of about three miles, taking us past four of the waterfalls along the nine mile Trail of Ten Falls.  

The trail towards North Falls is only about 3 feet wide, with a sheer drop on one side.  I would normally be uneasy with such a situation, but the strong fence that stood between me and the drop off was comforting.  North Falls dumps off a high ledge into the North Fork of Silver Creek below it, but over the eons, it has carved away the softer stone in the middle of the wall, leaving a wonderful area for the trail to wind behind the falls.  The river was flowing strong with winter snowmelt and the trails were a bite muddy, but we made it to Twin Falls and took the cut off to Winter Falls.  Up switchbacks to the rim trail and we were rewarded with vistas of the canyon floor and falls below.
Not one of the “Ten Falls”, but a wonderful downhill stream the trail bridged over.

 Alongside the trail we saw many early wildflowers like trillium, sweet woodruff and the unique Skunk Cabbage (really, worth a few steps off trail to experience!).  With a temperate rain forest of Douglas fir and western hemlock trees, Silver Falls is also a great respite in the heat of summer (like this week!).   Lots of wildlife, including numerous bird species, call the park home and welcome you to visit them.  


Silver Falls State Park is located southeast of Siverton (a fun town to stop in for ice cream on the way back!) on highway 214.


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