It was awfully early that chilly August morning, even for a B&B Innkeeper.  We had risen quite high, and as I peered about three and a half miles to the north, there, on the top of Chehalem Mountain, I could see our little B&B.  Peering directly down over the  wicker, I could see vineyards ripening with grapes and recently harvested wheat fields.
Forest & Pat, Me, Larry & Lynn and Curt. All we need is a pilot… oh, there’s Roger checking equipment.

And then we were going down, landing in the river?  No, just touching the bottom of the hot air balloon basket to the river and rise again on the morning wind.

Co-owner of Vista Balloon Adventures, Roger Anderson was our pilot for our morning adventure.  Curt and I were joined by my folks and my aunt and uncle.  Both my dad and uncle are pilots of noisier vehicles, and were enthralled with the quiet peacefulness of the propane flame filling the balloon as Roger maneuvered between the layers of airflow to take us the most scenic direction.  After an hour of flight, we landed softly with not even a bounce in a mown wheat field and began to roll up the giant nylon balloon that had carried us just a few miles away from our launch point.  Christine Driver, Roger’s co-owner and wife, drove our designated chase van to pick us up and return us to the airfield where breakfast was just about ready.

As we waited for the other 6 balloons to land and arrive for breakfast, we toasted our flight over mimosas and sparkling cider.   Christine got busy making breakfast fajitas for us while Roger signed our posters.

A balloon below us dips into the Willamette River.

Vista Balloon Adventures flies up to 7 balloons every day except Tuesday and Thursdays from April 1 through October 31, weather and wind permitting.  They usually take off from the Newberg Sportsman Airpark.  During the summer, the action starts about a half hour before sunrise and lasts about three and a half hours.  Flights change to take advantage of the afternoon air in October.

You can reach Roger & Christine at (800) 622-2309 or (503) 625-7385

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  1. Martrese says:

    My husband & I LOVED the Vista Balloon Adventure experience! (Though hubby chose to pedal after us on bicycle far below.) Thanks again to Curt for capturing our takeoff from the B&B – what a nice surprise! We look forward to staying with you again.

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